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Customer Comments:

  • "With these DVD's I am now traveling around the world from my Treadmill."
  • "I feel I am actually there! I can't wait to get the next DVD that they make. I am never disappointed."
  • "My new exercise/weight loss program got serious starting about twenty minutes ago."
  • "I feel like I'm actually there and it makes me feel good."
  • "I was shocked at how real it seemed on my big screen TV."
  • "I now have five nature walk dvds and love them all. And I don't even own a treadmill. They're great for simple relaxation."
  • "Beautiful scenery...oh, just beautiful, thought I was there!!!"
  • "Venice was more incredible than I imagined, even after watching your video multiple times."
  • "I've written several times about how your DVDs helped me rehab from a knee replacement and how they're helping me postpone the other one."
  • "Makes treadmill workout so much fun!"
  • "Beautiful scenic walks captured on video. Truly relaxing virtual tour."
  • "I highly recommend this dvd for anyone who enjoys amazing scenery along with their exercise."
  • "Well done, like you are actually walking through the villages!"
  • "I love putting myself in these beautiful settings..."
  • "What a great virtual travel experience with exercise benefits as you view it on your exercise equipment from home."
  • "The time just seemed to fly by."
  • "Usually I check 'Time Elapsed' fairly often, but I was enjoying the view so much that time just flew by."
  • "I have aprox. 19 of your videos. Love them! I'm an exerciser and world traveler."
  • "I am enjoying the first two videos so much and my weight loss is simply PHENOMENAL!"
  • "They really inspire me to actually USE my treadmill."
  • "Your DVD’s have really motivated me to use my equipment."
  • "I am getting addicted to exercise!"
  • "These are fantastic! My treadmill walk is so fun now."
  • "Hated the treadmill until I found them, they are awesome thank you!!!"